The Arc of Western Wayne County’s Fiscal Intermediary Services

A fiscal intermediary is an organization that helps an individual or family structure and manage a wide variety of community supports.  The fiscal intermediary is directed by the individual with assistance from their circle of support, and acts on behalf of that individual, rather than being directed by the needs of the service agency.  The fiscal intermediary does not act as a service provider, but rather acts as a business agent to purchase and pay for the desired supports and services, at the best price, and to be sure that the support system functions in a way that meets the individual’s needs and promotes self-determination.


A fiscal intermediary’s role is necessary in the self-determination model.  Otherwise, individuals hiring their own staff would be affected directly by labor and tax laws.  Individuals do not receive cash from Medicaid.  Fiscal intermediaries act as a mechanism to efficiently direct Medicaid funds which have been allocated to an individual through their support budget.


Both The Arc Western Wayne County and The Arc Northwest Wayne County act as fiscal intermediaries in Wayne County for persons living self determined lives.


If you have questions or would like more information, contact The Arc Western Wayne County at 734-729-9100, or The Arc Northwest Wayne County at 313-532-7915.

Phone code: 1250

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