The After I’m Gone Program

RSVP for Training

The training sessions require an RSVP.  Select your training and date to be able to join via Zoom.

Program Goal

The After I’m Gone Program assists families who have a family member with a disability in planning for their future when they are no longer able to provide care.

Free of Charge

This program is offered free of charge by The Arc Western Wayne County and The Arc Northwest Wayne County, funded by The Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network.

RSVP for After I’m Gone Training

Technical Support Services 

Advocacy Services

The Arc can act as an advocate for your family member with a disability. Advocacy services include assistance in obtaining appropriate services in education, housing, government benefits, employment, family support, prevention and health care, mental health services and supports coordination.

Alternatives to Guardianship

There are many alternatives to guardianship. If someone can get the supports and services they need and want with the help of family and friends who are involved in their life, there is no
need for guardianship. Other alternatives include durable powers of attorney, advance directives for health care, financial powers of attorney, trusts, family consent policies, and other surrogate arrangements.

Advisor to the Trust

The Advisor to the Trust assists the trustee of your family member’s Special Needs Trust by providing information about public benefits, special education services, Community Mental Health services and other programs, laws and regulations that the Trustee may not be familiar with.


A Trustee is a person or entity responsible for watching over a trust and following its instructions on when and how to distribute the assets.

The Letter of Intent

The letter of intent is a document that communicates important information and guidelines to people who may become responsible for the care of your family member with a disability. The Arc can provide you with a template from which you can develop your own letter of iintent for your son or daughter.

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