Access to Records

School districts should allow parents to inspect and review all records relating to their child’s identification, evaluation and educational placement.  The school district should comply with a request without unnecessary delay and before any meeting regarding an Individualized Education Plan or hearing.  The school district should allow you to look at your child’s records within 45 days of your request.  If you need to see your child’s records to use at an IEP meeting, a hearing, or an appeal, you should be allowed to do so immediately.


As a parent, you have the right to:


  • Have the school district provide you with explanations and interpretations of your child’s records, if it is reasonably requested;
  • Have an advocate or other representative inspect and review your child’s records with or for you; and
  • Request that the school district provide you with copies of your child’s records.  The education agency may charge a fee for copies of records that are made for parents for inspection and review purposes, if the fee does not effectively prevent the parents from exercising their right to inspect and review those records. This should be done if you have no other means by which to review your child’s records.


The school district presumes that you, as a parent, have the authority to access your child’s records.  The district can, however, deny you access if it has been told you do not have the authority under state law governing such matters as guardianship, separation and divorce.



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