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Adult Home Help Services, or Home Help, provides money to people with disabilities, older adults and people who are blind to hire someone to help them care for themselves and their home. You must apply for Home Help, formerly known as Chore Services, through your local Department of Human Services. Additional information about how to apply is available on The Take Charge Helpline.

Home Help provides you with money so you can pay someone to help you with daily activities you cannot perform without assistance, like bathing, dressing, taking medication, shopping and errands, housework, laundry, and meal preparation. Adult Home Help Services do not include public transportation, therapy, supervision, teaching, home repair such as electrical or plumbing repairs and transporting for medical reasons. The goal of Adult Home Help Services is to maintain you in your own home and to keep you from being placed in a alternative residential care facility such as an adult foster care home or nursing home.

Home Help helps to strengthen your natural support system, for example your parents or spouse, by providing assistance when necessary. You are eligible for Adult Home Help Services if you have Medicaid, require home help personal care, and live in an unlicensed setting.

There is additional information about Adult Home Help Services available on The Take Charge Helpline.

If you have questions about Adult Home Help Services, you can call your local Department of Human Services, visit them online at or call The Arc at 734-729-9100.

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Code 1316

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