Advocacy for Seniors

Advocates can give you advice and support on how to best handle your personal affairs, and meet your specific needs.  Volunteers such as family members and friends, as well as professionals from local advocacy organizations such as the Area Agency on Aging can be your advocate.  Advocates can be very important in helping you protect your safety and well being by providing you with up to date information on rules, procedures, housing, and benefits to help you live more independently in your community.


Advocates can also go with you to meetings such as care planning meetings and can make telephone calls to help you find out information.  They can talk to other professionals like your case manager, or your Department of Human Services case worker, to help you meet your goals or get your needs met.  They can also contact agencies or organizations on your behalf that may be able to offer you assistance.


The Take Charge Helpline offers additional information on advocacy organizations.


Phone code: 1450

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