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Community Living Services is located at 35425 Michigan Avenue West in Wayne Michigan. The toll free number is 866-381-7600.
Community Living Services, or CLS, is one of the Comprehensive Provider Networks in Wayne County providing services to people with developmental disabilities.  If you choose to have CLS as your Provider, they will make an appointment to meet with you to discuss the services and supports they offer.  After that, CLS will assign a Personal Agent to help you with your Person Centered Plan.  From there, a Plan of Service and an individualized budget will be developed based on your Person Centered Plan, and you will be able to choose who provides all of those services to you from among CLS’ network.
CLS has over 60 agencies in its network.  Each of these agencies offer different services designed to meet the needs of people with developmental disabilities living in Wayne County.  For more information, call CLS at 866-381-7600, or visit them online at

Phone code: 1219


Code 1219

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