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If you have an emergency and need help right away, hang up and call 800-241-4949 for 24 hour emergency telephone service.
Counseling services are available to you if you are receiving services through The Detroit-Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency.  You can also receive counseling services through the Michigan Department of Human Services.  There is additional information on agencies that provide counseling services available on The Take Charge Helpline.
Counseling services vary according to your individual needs.  You should ask your supports coordinator or case manager to assist you in identifying the kind of counseling services and agency which will best suit your needs.
The types of counseling services available are:

  • Individual counseling which allows you to meet one on one with a counselor;
  • Group counseling, in which several people meet to talk about similar issues;
  • Family counseling, which allows families to come together to discuss issues or concerns;
  • Vocational counseling, which provides assistance and training to those seeking employment; and
  • Substance abuse counseling which, provides assistance to those people who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.

There is also a 24 hour crisis intervention service available if you are in immediate danger of being harmed or of harming yourself.  If you need help right away, call 800-241-4949.
Phone code: 1400


Code 1400

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