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If you need help right away, hang up and call 800-241-4949 for 24 hour emergency telephone services.
People, because of stress, illness, or life circumstances are sometimes not able to make the best decisions.  During those times, some people may become violent or abusive.  They may hurt someone else or themselves.  They may turn to alcohol or drugs to help them try to cope.  They are in crisis.  Crisis intervention services are available so that people in crisis can get the help they need.  There are a number of agencies in Wayne County that offer crisis intervention services.  Additional information on those agencies is available on the Take Charge Helpline.
If you are in danger of hurting yourself or someone else, you should call 800-241-4949.  This emergency telephone service offers 24 hour crisis counseling.  You can call for other reasons too, like:

  • when you don’t know what to do;
  • when you need information;
  • when you are thinking about suicide;
  • when you don’t have energy to do anything; and
  • when you think no one cares about you.

If you need help right away, you should call 800-241-4949.  If you need more information about the kinds of crisis intervention services that are available to you, you can call Detroit Wayne County Integrated Health Network, at 313-833-2500.
Phone code: 1412


Code 1412

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