Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN) Intake Process

The Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network, or DWIHN, provides services for people with disabilities living in Wayne County. People wishing to receive services in Wayne County should contact a Customer Service Representative by calling 888-490-9698.  People currently receiving services in Wayne County can also change their provider by contacting the same number.


In order to access services, you must first choose a Managed Comprehensive Provider from among the five Comprehensive Provider Networks offering services in Wayne County.  For people with developmental disabilities, those providers are Community Living Services, Behavioral Health Professionals, Inc and ICA.  For people with mental illness, those providers are CareLink Network and Gateway Community Health.  There is additional information on all of these providers available on the Take Charge Helpline.


After choosing your provider network, you will need to contact the intake department associated with that network to schedule an intake meeting.  This meeting can be held either at your home, or at the provider’s office.  Once intake is complete, and you are found to be eligible for services, you will be assigned a Supports Coordinator or Case Manager, who will work with you to help identify which services you need from The Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network.


If you need services from Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network, contact a Customer Service Representative at 888-490-9698.  You can also contact The Arc at 734-729-9100.


Phone code: 1210