Early On Services

Early on services are mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and the state of Michigan’s Administrative Rules and they are available to children with special needs from birth to 36 months.  Early On specializes in evaluating and treating children that are not developing at the same rate as other children their age.  This can include physical, mental, social, or emotional development.  Early On is offered by the Michigan Department of Education, The Department of Community Health, and the Michigan Department of Human Services.


Early On offers the following services:


  • Evaluation.  If it is suspected that your child has a developmental delay or a condition that could lead to such a delay, an evaluation is initiated.
  • Early On offers an Individualized Family Service Plan.  If your child is eligible for Early On services, an Individualized Family Service Plan is developed which addresses the developmental needs of your child as well as the needs of your family in helping him or her.
  • Service Coordination through Early On helps you coordinate the services outlined in your child’s plan, and
  • Early On implements those services outlined in your family service plan, with your permission.  Those services may include family training, counseling and home visits. They may also include speech, occupational or physical therapy, health services and assistive technology devices.


There is no charge to families for an evaluation, the development of an Individualized Family Plan or service coordination, or to provide services for infants and toddlers who have a disability.  Most services offered by Early On are available at no cost, but that is determined on an individual basis.  Early On is available regardless of income.


If you think your infant or toddler might benefit from Early On services, you can call them at 800-327-5966, or visit them online at www.1800earlyon.org.


Phone code: 1623

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