If you believe that your rights have been violated, you, or someone you trust, can file a recipient rights complaint.  You may file a complaint by calling or visiting the Recipient Rights Office at Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network.  You can also complete a Recipient Rights Complaint form, which is available from the Rights Office.


Your complaint needs to contain the following information:


  • a statement telling the Rights Office what you are complaining about;
  • what right or rights you think have been violated; and
  • what you think will resolve your complaint.


If you want help writing your complaint, the Rights Office will refer you to an advocacy organization for help.   If there is no advocacy organization available, the Rights Officer will help you.


If you have questions about filing a recipient rights complaint, contact the Office of Recipient Rights at the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network at 313-344-9099.


Phone code: 1436

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