Food Stamps

Food stamps are coupons used like money to buy food, or seeds and plants to grow food for home use. They cannot be used for nonfood items such as soap, pet food, tobacco, paper products and alcoholic beverages. Most grocery stores accept food stamps as do many nonprofit food cooperatives, food buying clubs, and some restaurants.


Any household that meets the income, asset, and other basic eligibility rules can get food stamps. A household may be one person or a group of people who live together and customarily buy and prepare their food together. A person who is a boarder or lives in an institution, with some exceptions, cannot get food stamps. To be eligible for food stamps, total countable income within a set limit for a household’s size is used to determine eligibility for food stamps. There are some allowable income deductions which may be subtracted in order to determine the amount of food stamps it may get. If you are disabled or elderly you may be eligible for food stamp assistance.


You can apply for food stamps by visiting or calling your local Department of Human Services or DHS office. You must complete the application and turn it in to your local DHS office. A DHS worker will assist you if you need help filling out the application.


You should have the following information ready when you fill out the application:


  • your driver’s license or state of Michigan identification or other proof of identification;
  • proof of gross income;
  • proof of house payments, insurance and taxes or rent payment;
  • proof of utility expenses;
  • immigration and naturalization papers for each household member who is not a US citizen;
  • social security numbers for all members of the household;
  • proof of medical expenses for anyone in the household who is age 60 or over;
  • records of all assets;
  • birth dates of household members;
  • record of educational income and expenses; and
  • record of child care payments.


Eligible households will get their food stamps by the 30th day after turning in the application. Those with little or no money may be able to get food stamps within five days If you have questions about food stamps, you can call your local Department of Human Services, visit them on the web at or call The Arc at 734-729-9100.


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