IEP and You

There are many things to think about before your child’s IEP meeting.  Here are some suggestions for you.  You may want to get a piece of paper and pencil to write some of them down.


  • Obtain as much information as you can before the IEP meeting;
  • Talk with your child’s teacher and any persons who have evaluated your child and read your child’s records;
  • Write down your questions and concerns for the meeting;
  • Consider contacting an advocacy organization, such as The Arc, who may be able to help you better understand the IEP process;
  • Contact other parents who have been through the process;
  • Find someone who will accompany you to the meeting.  This could be another parent who has been through the process, or an advocate;
  • Call the special education office for the location of specific programs under consideration as appropriate for your child.  Visit any proposed programs before the IEP meeting; and
  • Make a list of suggestions that you might like to see written into your child’s IEP.


At the IEP meeting, you should participate fully by asking questions, and sharing your opinions and ideas.  If you don’t understand something, ask about it.  Be sure you understand the IEP before you sign it.  If you aren’t sure, ask for a copy to take home so that you can review it with someone who can help you better understand it.


Remember, you have rights as a parent with regards to the IEP meeting.  You have the right to be notified and invited before the IEP meeting is held.  You have the right to be involved in any decisions made concerning your child.  You have the right to have the IEP meeting scheduled at a mutually convenient time and place, and to bring someone with you to the IEP meeting.  You also have the right to review your child’s records and written evaluation prior to the IEP meeting, and you have the right to get a copy of your child’s IEP.


Always sign your child’s IEP, whether you agree or disagree you must sign and state that fact. If you do not sign the IEP, the local school district has the right to implement the plan within 7 days.




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