Independent Evaluation Procedure

In the event that you do not agree with the Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team’s finding, the parent or guardian has the right to request an independent educational evaluation of your child, at public expense.  You have the right to have the results of that evaluation “considered” in any decision made to determine your child’s eligibility or education plan.


This Independent Educational Evaluation request should be made prior to the development of your child’s IEP, and following the district’s presentation of its findings from their evaluation.  Following your request, the school district should provide you with information as to where an evaluation may be obtained, but cannot demand you use one of their suggestions.  Two things can happen regarding payment for the evaluation.  The first is that the school district can honor your request and pay for the evaluation.  The second is that, if the school district feels its own evaluation is sufficient, it can request an impartial due process hearing to prove this.  In this case, the district asks a hearing officer to make a decision concerning your request for payment.


You have the right to:


  • Request an independent educational evaluation of your child;
  • Be advised where an independent evaluation may be obtained; and
  • Use evaluators other than those identified by the school district, as long as those evaluators meet the qualifications of the public school agency.
  • You also have the right to be provided information regarding evaluator qualifications, procedures for reimbursement, and the expected costs; and
  • Have the district pay for the evaluation unless the district goes to a hearing and proves that its school evaluation is appropriate and sufficient.

In most cases, the evaluation done by the school Multidisciplinary Evaluation team will be sufficient.  However, if you feel that you need an independent educational evaluation, you have the right to request it.




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