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CEO. Westland is located at 6615 N. Venoy in Wayne Michigan.  The phone number is 734-727-0872.

CEO Westland is a division of Creative Employment Opportunities, Incorporated.  Innovative Services provides assistance to people with disabilities in achieving their employment goals through a variety of options.

The Community Skill Building Program is a community based program in which people have the opportunities to engage in social recreation activities in the community and to develop new relationships. This program is designed to be flexible to allow for individual control and the expansion of social skills.

The Community Service Program is designed to support people in contributing to their community in a meaningful way.  Volunteer locations can be developed to match a person’s interests, or you can select to volunteer at an established volunteer site.

The Community Employment Program provides support for employment in the community.  On-site or community based employment is developed to meet the abilities of the person and the length of on-site employment supports is determined by the person.

The Micro Business Program provides the opportunity for people to develop their own businesses.  People are provided with opportunities to learn the skills needed for business management, and businesses are developed in the areas that match the interest and skills of the person.

If you have questions or need more information, contact Creative Empowerment Opportunities at 734-727-0872

Phone code: 1273


Code 1273

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