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Lifespan Clinical Services is located at 18316 Middlebelt Road, in Livonia, Michigan.  The phone number is 888-355-5433.

Lifespan Clinical Services has served the community since 1963, providing individuals and families in need with a continuum of mental health, substance abuse, and family support services.

Lifespan Clinical Services is a private clinic that provides counseling and guidance to help individuals lead a more balanced, emotionally healthy life.

Lifespan counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists specialize in diagnosing and treating all kinds of emotional difficulties. They work with children, teens, adults and entire families to help with:

  • family issues like divorce, separation, parenting, learning or behavioral problems, teen and pre-teen challenges and ADHD;
  • depression and anxiety issues like grief and loss, difficult transitions, postpartum depression, thoughts of suicide, and eating disorders;
  • anger management issues like home or work issues, parent/child problems, and marital or relationship issues;
  • addiction or substance abuse issues like alcohol, tobacco or drug problems, gambling/shopping addiction, sex addiction and adult or adolescent problems; and
  • other child and family issues with a focus on prevention, including infant mental health, for children birth to age six, and pregnant women.

Lifespan Clinical Services has two sites. One in Livonia, and one in Westland.  For more information, call Lifespan at 888-355-5433, or visit them online at

Phone code: 1215


Code 1215

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