MI Child

MIChild is a health insurance program for uninsured children of Michigan’s working families.  MIChild services are provided by many HMOs and other health care plans throughout Michigan.


To qualify for MIChild, children must:


  • be citizens of the United States (some legal immigrants qualify);
  • live in Michigan, even for a short time;
  • be under 19 years old;
  • have no health insurance; and
  • meet the income requirements.


Covered services include:


  • regular checkups;
  • shots;
  • emergency care;
  • dental care;
  • pharmacy;
  • hospital care;
  • prenatal care and delivery;
  • vision and hearing; and
  • mental health and substance abuse services.


MIChild covers other services, too and your health plan will give you the full list when your coverage begins.


You can get an application for MIChild by calling 1-888-988-6300 or going to their website at www.michigan.gov/mdch and clicking on children and teens, then MIChild.


If your child qualifies, you pay a monthly premium of only $10.  Even if you have more than one child, you pay only $10 a month and there are no co-pays or deductibles.


For more information, call MIChild at 888-988-6300.


Phone code: 1326

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