Michigan Rehabilitation Services

Michigan Rehabilitation Services helps people with disabilities prepare for, find, and keep a job that matches their interests and abilities.  You can apply directly by calling the nearest Michigan Rehabilitation Services district office, or someone else can apply for you on your behalf.  Once you have been deemed eligible for services, you will be teamed with a rehabilitation counselor.


Together, you will follow these steps in the rehabilitation process:


  • You will assess your abilities and rehabilitation needs and explore your job interests;
  • You choose your employment goal, which services you want from Michigan Rehabilitation Services, and who will assist you with those services;
  • You will receive the specific services you need to become employed; and
  • You will work together with your counselor to find a job.  Once you are on the job, your counselor will follow up for at least 60 days to make sure you and your employer are satisfied.


Michigan Rehabilitation Services also offers other job related services.  There is additional information about these services on The Take Charge Helpline.


For more information or to find your local Michigan Rehabilitation Services district office, call 800-605-6722, or visit them online at www.michigan.gov/mdcd.

Phone code: 1801

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