Microboards, also known as self directed support corporations, are small groups made up of 5 to 9 people that form a board around the person with a disability who needs support.


The Microboard is responsible for arranging supports for the individual with the disability, including budget development, support brokerage and fiscal intermediaries.  The Microboard becomes the support broker using waiver dollars to provide support services.  The fiscal intermediary can be a local bank.


For people with disabilities, Microboards can mean true control and freedom.  For the government, Microboards are a cost effective, person centered approach to supporting an individual with a disability.  It cuts the administrative cost and at the same time it presents an opportunity for the person with the disability to control their budget and present true accountability to the state and federal governments.  The Microboard follows all the regulations as any other provider of services, including becoming a Medicaid provider approved by the state and conducting audits and reviews by the state agencies.


Not everyone with a disability will want to set up a Microboard, but it does provide an opportunity for public dollars to serve the person as closely as possible while continuing to provide accountability to the state and federal governments.


If you would like additional information on Microboards, contact The Arc of Western Wayne County at 734-729-9100.


Phone code: 1514

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