Parental Consent

The school must obtain informed parental consent before conducting a pre-placement evaluation, any reevaluation, or before initially placing a child with disabilities in a program providing special education and related services.  If a parent fails to respond to a request for a reevaluation, the school may conduct an evaluation if it can demonstrate that reasonable measures to obtain parental consent have been taken. A parent that gives permission to test their child is not giving permission to the district to provide special education supports and services. A signed consent form giving permission to evaluate is only permission to test.


The notice should include:


  • The reasons and nature for an evaluation.
  • A description of the types of special education programs and services available within the intermediate school district.
  • A list of organizations, including addresses and phone numbers, that can help parents better understand the special education process.
  • A statement of a parent’s right to examine all records and to participate in meetings with respect to identification, evaluation, program, educational placement and the provision of a free appropriate public education.


In addition, the school must provide notice that also includes:


  • A statement that a parent may be accompanied to an individualized educational planning team, or IEPT, meeting by any person or persons the parent desires.
  • The right to obtain an independent educational evaluation if the parent disagrees with the agency’s evaluation, and
  • A statement that the parent should provide the multidisciplinary evaluation team with information about their child’s suspected disability and the opportunity to present that information at the IEPT meeting.


If you refuse to give parental consent, the school may use the hearing procedures to determine if your child should be evaluated or initially provided special education and related services without your consent.


If the hearing officer upholds the school, the school may evaluate or initially provide special education and related services to your child without your consent, and to have your child remain in his or her present educational placement during the pending of any administrative or judicial proceedings.


If you have questions about your rights regarding parental consent, contact The Arc at 734-729-9100.


Phone code: 1607

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