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Person Centered Planning

The 1996 revisions to the Mental Health Code require a person centered approach to the planning, selection, and delivery of the supports and services you receive from the public mental health system.
Person centered planning means the services you receive will be made up of activities which you think will help you, which you assist in developing, and which meet your goals.  This process will determine the supports you want or may need to achieve your desired future.  The staff involved in your services will encourage feedback from you about your supports, the progress you have made, and any changes you think would make your services better.
Person centered planning is a process that starts with an annual meeting.  You decide where to have your meeting, who to invite and what will be discussed at your meeting.  You should make these decisions at a pre-planning meeting you have with the person who will be facilitating your meeting, your supports coordinator and any other people who are important in helping you make decisions.
You should invite people to your meeting who are positive and helpful in your life.  Some examples are your parents, brothers and/or sisters, friends, and teachers.  You will be talking about what you want for yourself in the future.  You will share what is important to you, what your strengths, abilities and skills are, and what needs you have.  Then you, along with your support team, will come up with ways to help you achieve the future you want.  These are called goals.
The process part of person centered planning comes in choosing which supports and services you want to help you achieve your goals.  You may be able to have family and friends help you with some of your goals.  You may need other people, like a nurse or an occupational therapist, to help you with some goals too.  You will be able to choose, from the resources that are available to you, the supports and services and help decide who will do what, when and how.
You and your support team should take a look at your goals often to see how they are coming along.  This is important in case you want to make any changes in the services you are receiving.  It is also important in case the services you are getting are not what you expected or wanted.  You always have the right to make a complaint about your supports and services or about who is providing them if your needs are not met.
If you have questions about Person Centered Planning, you can call The Arc at 734-729-9100.
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