Plan for Achieving Self Support (PASS Plan)

Under a plan for achieving self-support, or PASS, you can set aside income and/or assets for a work goal. The income and/or assets must be used to pay for things needed to attain your work goal, such as vocational training, education, purchasing work-related equipment or starting a business. The income and/or assets you set aside will not count in determining your eligibility or payment amount for Supplemental Security Income.


You must have a realistic work goal, a specific savings or spending plan, and must be able to show that the money you set aside went towards your work plan. Your vocational counselor, supports coordinator, employer, advocate, Social Security Representative or any other interested person can help you develop your plan for achieving self support. Social Security will then evaluate your plan to make sure it is acceptable. It is important for you to remember that you may not need a plan for achieving self support right now. However, as your earnings rise, you may need it in order to remain eligible or to increase your SSI payment amount.


The steps to completing your PASS are complex and confusing, especially receiving approval from the Social Security Administration for the plan. You should ask your representative from the Social Security Administration or an advocate to assist you in completing your plan.


For more information, you can call the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213 or visit them online at


Phone code: 1309

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