Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is a legal document that can be used as an alternative to guardianship in which you, in writing, indicate your desire to have another person or persons, called agents, make certain decisions for you.  The agent makes decisions only about those things that are specifically identified within that legal document.  Typically, a power of attorney will include powers for the agent to manage money or finances for the person.  Those powers can be broad or very specific.


When someone has a durable power of attorney, it is a legal document that authorizes another person to act for you if and when you become incapacitated and are unable to manage your own money and property.  Many people with disabilities or other conditions are not considered incapacitated and are able to execute a durable power of attorney.  By doing so, this may avoid the need for the probate court to appoint a guardian, should they become incapacitated in the future.



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