Protective Order

A protective order is an alternative to guardianship that works well when court intervention is needed for a one-time only unusual situation dealing with money or property.  For example, you were hurt in an accident.  As a result, you are receiving a payment from an insurance company.  The company may want you to have a guardian to receive the payment and to sign the release of liability.  A protective order can be used for the same purposes without having to get a guardian.  You can ask the court for a protective order or someone else can ask on your behalf to give authority to another individual to receive the payment and sign the release of liability.


If the court issues a protective order for a particular situation, it does not mean that you are “legally incapacitated” or unable to manage your finances.  It simply means that you need protection and help regarding this one situation.


A knowledgeable attorney or advocate can help you petition the court for a protective order.


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