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People with developmental disabilities benefit from living in a wide variety of homes in the community.  Your supports coordinator can discuss these and other options with you during your person centered planning meeting.
A supported living program is a program where a person with a disability lives alone or with one or two roommates in his or her own home or apartment in the community.  The person or people living together receive in home support as needed, but have no staff living in the home.
A Semi-independent Living Program, or SIP, is a program where the person with a disability lives alone or with one or more roommates in a home or apartment.  A staff person lives in a separate unit in the same building or nearby to provide necessary assistance.
Shared Lives is where a person with a disability chooses to share a home with a companion or family.  They not only share a home together, but much of what goes on in life.
A foster family is where one or more people with disabilities live with a family in the family’s home.
A group home is a place where several people with disabilities live together.  The home has staff members who help to train and support the residents living there.
Board and Care Facility.  This program provides sleeping rooms, meals and supervision.  Staff supervise the program, but do not provide formal training or help with dressing, bathing, or other personal care.
If you have questions about the kinds of community homes available, you should talk to your supports coordinator, or call The Arc at 734-729-9100.
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