You have the right to see your record.  Upon request, you or your legal representative may read or get a copy of all or part of your  record.  There may be a charge for the cost of copying.


If you are an adult and are your own guardian, information entered in your record after March 28, 1996 may not be withheld from you under any circumstances.  If you are denied access to your record, you or someone you trust, may appeal the decision. Contact your rights officer or advisor for information about the appeal process.  If you or your legal representative believe your record contains incorrect information, you or they may place a statement in your record which corrects that information.  You may not remove what is already in the record.


If you have questions about your right to access your record, contact the Office of Recipient Rights at the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network at 313-833-2500.


Phone code: 1428

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