If you are in a state hospital or center, you have the right to be paid for work that you agree to do if you are offered work.  However, you will not be paid for personal housekeeping chores, such as making your own bed, or work which is part of a small group living arrangement.


You have the right to not have more than half of any money you earn used to pay for your treatment and to have your money kept in an account in your name at the facility.  You have the right to easy and reasonable access to your money kept in an account at the facility and to spend your money as you want.  Facility rules may limit the amount of money you can have on you at any one time.  You have the right to have the money in this account given to you when you are discharged.


These rights may be limited if the U.S. government says that you need someone to handle the money you receive from Social Security and has assigned you a representative payee, or if you have a conservator or guardian who has the authority to limit how you spend your money.


If you have questions about your rights regarding money, contact the Office of Recipient Rights at the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network at 313-833-2500.


Phone code: 1434

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