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Self Determination

The basic idea behind Self-Determination is that people with developmental disabilities have the right to determine their own lives and futures with any needed assistance and support.  It’s about creating a meaningful life for yourself, however you define meaningful.  There are four main principles that guide self-determination. The first principle is Freedom.  You will have the freedom to develop a personal life plan based on your dreams and desires.

The second principle is Authority.  You will have the authority to control the resources available for your supports.  This includes authority to decide what, who, when, and where your supports will be.

The third principle is Support.  You will be provided the supports you need to plan to live the life you prefer, with the right to exercise authority and choice.  This includes assuring the support you need to be healthy, safe and productive.

The final principle is Responsibility.  You will have a responsibility to use resources wisely, including contributing back to your community in meaningful ways through your presence and unique talents.

Self Determination is about the choices you make as a person with a developmental disability.  It’s about choosing where you will live, who you will live with, where you will work, and how you will spend your free time.

Self – Determination is completely voluntary and does not require you to make any particular changes in your current supports.  Self-determination is about expanding, not limiting options.

If you have further questions please visit the MDHHS Self Determination online at MHDDS

You can also contact The Arc at 734-729-9100.

Phone code: 1416


Code 1416

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