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A supports coordinator, formerly called Case Manager, works with you in developing your Individual Plan of Service, or IPS.  You and your supports coordinator work together with any other people you choose, such as your parents, advocate, friends or other family members to help you set goals.  Some of those goals may be to live independently in your community, to find a different job, to find places to go with your friends, or to help you manage money.  Your supports coordinator should help you with any goals you feel you need to help you live the life you want.
Your supports coordinator should meet with you often to help you with things like filling out forms for Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Insurance, Medicaid or Medicare.  He or she should also help you with housing, employment, scheduling meetings or appointments, opportunities to make and develop friendships, and finding staff to help you around your house if you need it.  Your supports coordinator is also the person you would talk to if you were being harmed or if you were thinking of harming yourself or someone else.  He or she would assist you in getting the help you need.
There are many agencies in Wayne County that offer supports coordination.  The agency you choose depends on what services you need.  If you need more information, you can contact Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network at 313-344-9099 or The Arc at 734-729-9100.

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