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The Guidance Center is located at 13111 Allen Road in Southgate Michigan.  The phone number is 734-785-7710.
The Guidance Center provides services for people of all ages, who may need help with mental health or substance abuse issues.  Programs offered by The Guidance Center include, children’s services, which address the needs of children with emotional and or behavioral problems.  These services also include a crisis intervention program, and, in-home services, to help stabilize children, ages 2 to 15.  In addition, there is Assertive Community Treatment, which is an intensive 24 hour home based service for children, up to age 17, who are at risk of psychiatric hospitalization, or residential placement.
The Guidance Center offers a variety of community outreach services including a women’s substance abuse prevention program, safe baby program, school readiness, early on, and a parent infant program.
The Guidance Center also provides community living for women with mental illness, and substance abuse counseling.  Call The Guidance Center at 734-785-7710, or visit them online at
Phone code: 1214


Code 1214

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