Trust Fund for Children

The Trust Fund for Children with special needs was formerly called the Crippled Children’s Fund. It was started in 1944 with a very generous bequest of Dow Chemical stock by Dr. and Mrs. James T. Pardee who was one of Dow Chemical’s founders. This gift continues to comprise a major portion of the Trust Fund. During the last 50 years, many people have continued to generously contribute to the Trust Fund.


The intent of the Trust Fund is to help fund unique services and projects for children with special health care needs that are outside those provided by state funds. Hundreds of children and their families have greatly benefited from the services provided by the Trust Fund. The Trust Fund, administered by the Michigan Department of Human Services, is used for three purposes, directed at serving children with special health care needs.


The first purpose is to serve children when there is a need for special services or equipment, and when there is no other source of payment. The Trust Fund may help provide funds. Some examples are wheelchair ramps, therapeutic tricycles, and partial support for van lifts.


The second purpose is to provide assistance to groups such as conferences on issues related to parents and professionals involved with children with special needs. Assistance may also include training agencies and groups that deliver services to children with special needs.


And lastly, financial assistance may be available for programs and demonstration projects directed at improving the service system for children with special health care needs.


Families with a child enrolled or eligible to enroll in the Children’s Special Health Care Services Program, and groups or organizations serving children with special health care needs may apply for funds by calling 517-373-4320. There is more information available on The Trust Fund for Children’s web site at


Phone code: 1324

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