Veteran’s Benefits

Veteran’s Benefits may be available to individuals who have performed active service in the armed forces, were discharged other than dishonorable, and are disabled. The disability must not have been caused by the veteran. A surviving spouse, children, and other dependents may also be awarded certain cash or pension benefits, and possibly medical benefits as well. They may be eligible for special financing programs for the purchase of a home.


Veterans are qualified for medical benefits for hospital, nursing home and in-home care, and outpatient and community residential care, once they are deemed eligible. Eligibility requirements are available from your local veteran’s office. The Veteran’s Administration will pay for skilled intermediate nursing home care in private nursing homes, for veterans who are in VA hospital and are in need of direct discharge to a nursing home. The Veteran’s Administration will also pay for other veterans in need of admission to a nursing home for an injury or disease acquired or aggravated in the line of duty during active service. The Veteran’s Administration operates its own nursing homes, with veterans with service connected disability given first priority of placement. Veterans with non-service connected disabilities can be admitted if there is room.


For more information contact the Veteran’s Administration at 800-827-1000, or visit them online at


Phone code: 1328

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