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Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency, or Wayne County RESA, is located at 33500 Van Born Road, in Wayne, Michigan, and is the largest educational service agency in Michigan. The phone number is 734-334-1300.
Wayne County RESA was among the first to change its name to represent more appropriately the services it provides to the 34 local districts with more than 354,000 students in Wayne County. In Wayne County, special education programs and services are provided by each local school district.
In addition, 14 districts and Wayne County RESA operate center programs which are available to children with disabilities from all 34 local districts. Wayne County RESA’s Special Education Services provides a variety of direct services to students which are required by the State of Michigan. A number of consultants and technicians provide consultation to parents, educators, and service agencies. Wayne County RESA’s parent advisory group reviews the system and provides input to the Wayne County plan for the delivery of special education programs and services.
If you would like more information, call The Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency at 734-334-1300 or visit them online at
Phone code: 1223


Code 1223

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