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What is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic lung disease which can be life threatening.  People with asthma often have trouble breathing because their lungs are blocked by muscle squeezing, swelling and excess mucus.

Usually, asthma symptoms are triggered by something that irritates the lungs.  There are many kinds of triggers including viruses such as colds, pollen, dust, allergies, smoke and particles in the air.  During an asthma attack, a person’s airways become narrow and inflamed, which produces wheezing and coughing.

Several types of medication can manage or treat asthma.  Anti-inflammatory agents stop inflammation in the lungs from developing.  Steroids are often used in inhalers.  Bronchodilators are used in emergency situations to open up the bronchial tubes and allow more air to get in.

To learn more about Asthma, please contact the American Lung Association at 1-800-586-4872.  You can also visit them online at American Lung Association

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Code 1753

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