What is Special Education?

Special education is specially designed instruction, at no additional cost to the parents, that meets the individual educational needs of a student with a disability.  Special education includes classroom instruction, physical education instruction, and ancillary and other related services.  These services may include:


  • audiological, medical, psychological, speech and language, or educational evaluation.
  • occupational, physical, recreational, music, therapeutic, and leisure recreations.
  • counseling services including rehabilitation counseling, parent counseling and training to understand the special needs of their child, child development, helping parents acquire special skills to support implementation of the student’s IEP, and school health services.
  • mobility services
  • transportation
  • school psychological and school social work services
  • instruction for students who are homebound, hospitalized or placed in juvenile detention             facilities, and
  • services for preprimary age, or birth to age 3, children with disabilities


According to Michigan law, your child may be eligible for special education services if he or she:


  • is between the ages of 0 and not more than 25 years of age as of September 1st of the   school year of enrollment. Services end at the end of the school year.
  • has one or more impairments that necessitates special education or related services or    both and has been determined by a comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation team.
  • has not completed a normal course of study and has not graduated from high school by receiving a diploma.


If you think your child may be in need of special education services, you can contact Project Find.  Project Find will help you locate educational services for your child.  In Wayne County, the number is 877-327-5966.  You can also visit their web site for more information at www.projectfindmichigan.org.


There are many other topics related to special education available on The Take Charge Helpline.  If you have questions, you can call your local school district or The Arc at 734-729-9100.

Phone code: 1603

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