What to do when you turn 18

When you turn eighteen, there are many things to think about.  You are now considered a family of one in terms of the strict income and asset rules for Supplemental Security Income.  It is at this time you may apply for Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid.  You may also apply for Adult Home Help Benefits.  You and your family may also begin to discuss the need for a Power of Attorney or Guardian.  There is additional information on all of these topics available on The Take Charge Helpline.


Some other issues you should consider are:


  • do you have a Michigan identification card?
  • have you registered for the draft?
  • do you want to get a credit card to begin a credit history?  It might be helpful if you wish to purchase a home sometime in the future; and
  • do you want to register to vote?


If you have questions about these issues, or would like more information, call The Arc at 734-729-9100.


Phone code: 1508

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