Programs & Services

Social Security Benefits

We can help you apply for benefits from The Social Security Administration. If you are already receiving benefits and need help managing your money or paying your bills, we can act as your Representative Payee. This means we can receive your Social Security benefits and make sure that all of your bills, especially rent, is paid in full and on time each month.



We can assist you in applying for Medicaid and can offer information on other programs and services through The Michigan Department of Human Services, such as Food Stamps and Adult Home Help Services.


Mental Health Services

We can help you apply for services through The Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network, such as staffing to help you in your home or in the community. Other services that may be available to you include help finding a job, transportation, therapies, and modifications to make your home accessible. If you are already receiving services and need help because you are not getting what you need, we can act as your advocate to make sure that the system is doing what they should be doing for you!



We can help you locate fun things to do in your community. We also sponsor dances several times throughout the year. For more information, go to upcoming events.


Educational advocacy

The Arc of Western Wayne County offers free educational advocacy to families living within our catchment areas of Wayne, Westland, Inkster, Romulus, Belleville and Garden City. An Arc advocate will generally provide information and referral pertaining to Special Education related questions. Advocates are also available to attend school meetings with families to ensure that each child is getting all of the services needed from the school.


Please contact us at 734.729.9100 to speak with an advocate today!


Learning opportunities

Along with direct advocacy, we offer a number of learning opportunities for families, which can empower them to advocate for their child. As part of our collaboration with the Michigan Alliance for Families, we offer informational meetings specific to Special Education.


Topics that are presented in these meetings include: Individualized education programs (IEPs), Mediation and facilitated IEPs, The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Positive behavioral supports, Parent/professional collaboration, Rights and responsibilities and Assistive technology.


Futures planning

The Arc of Western Wayne County, through our After I’m Gone program, offers a series of learning opportunities for family members on such topics as Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Mental Health Services, Person Centered Planning and Self Determination, Social Security and Medicaid and Creative Housing Options. For more information, see the 2019-2020 After I’m Gone program brochure.


We also offer individualized assistance for families to create a plan so that their vision for their family member can be shared with other important family members who will be responsible for care when they are no longer here. Contact our office at 734.729.9100 to schedule an appointment with an advocate today!



The Arc of Western Wayne County can offer individual advocacy to assist families through the maze of securing benefits and services for their family member with a disability. We can assist with applying for and maintaining benefits from The Social Security Administration, applying for Medicaid and/or other services available through the Michigan Department of Human Services, and in applying for, securing and maintaining appropriate services through the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network.


Contact our office at 734.729.9100 to speak with our Systems Navigator.


Alternatives to guardianship

The Arc of Western Wayne County, through partnership with The Arc of Northwest Wayne County, offers information and assistance with the many alternatives to guardianship available to families who have a member with a disability.The Guardianship Alternatives Information Network (GAIN) program offers training sessions to professionals and families on the importance of investigating alternatives to guardianship for people with disabilities. The GAIN program also offers one-on-one help from an attorney in developing and executing appropriate alternatives for each person seeking assistance.


For additional information, see the Michigan Alliance for Families program or call 866.365.3231.


Sibling group

The Arc of Western Wayne County believes it is important to recognize the role of siblings in efforts to support individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Adult siblings of people with disabilities continue to be an extraordinarily overlooked population. The Arc believes agencies, including schools, community agencies and health care providers, should reach out to siblings and other family members to provide them with the support and information that will address their concerns and help them to make appropriate decisions.


Independent facilitation of Person-Centered plans

The Arc of Western Wayne County has a great deal of experience facilitating person centered plans for people with disabilities. We are available to facilitate plans for people receiving services through the Detroit Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency.


For assistance, contact our Systems Navigator at 734.729.9100.


Fiscal Intermediary Services

The Arc of Western Wayne County has been acting as Fiscal Intermediary for people with disabilities receiving services through Detroit Wayne County Community Mental Health Authority since 1992. In this capacity, we help people pay bills such as rent, utilities and transportation based on their budget. We can also receive dollars from the mental health system to pay staffing expenses for people.


The Take Charge Helpline

This automated telephone information and referral system, provided by The Detroit Wayne County Community Mental Health System, includes hundreds of scripts. It provides information on topics such as Advocacy and Service Provider Agencies in Wayne County that can assist people with disabilities, Benefits, Education, Recreation and Leisure, Recipient Rights and a host of other topics important to people with disabilities and their families.


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