Agencies DD

Genesis Psychological Services.
RGRPS Groups Inc

Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network Intake Process
Central City Integrated Health
Deaf Community Advocacy Network (Deaf CAN)

Deaf and Hearing Impaired Services
Behavioral Health Professionals, Inc.
Community Programs and Services
Community Living Services (CLS)
Apex Behavioral Health
Michigan Department of Human Services
Michigan Department of Community Health
Methodist Children’s Home Society
Lifespan Clinical Services
Life Center
Latino Family Services

Jewish Vocational Services
Creative Empowerment Opportunities
Homes of Opportunity
Goodwill Industries
Integrated Care Alliance
Spectrum Human Services
Services to Enhance Potential
Samaritan Homes
Partners in Personal Assistance
Paragon Support Systems, Inc.
Other Michigan Rehabilitation Services
Neighborhood Service Organization (NSO)
Michigan Rehabilitation Services
Client Assistance Program
Adult Home Help Services
Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency
Wayne Center
Vocational Opportunity Center
The Social Security Administration
The Guidance Center
The Futures Health Core
Epilepsy Foundation
Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN)